Major Corporations in Gunma Prefecture

>SUBARU CORPORATION (Gunma Manufacturing Division)

SUBARU CORPORATION (Gunma Manufacturing Division)

Business Field
The manufacture of automobiles and automobile parts and components
Principal Products
Subaru brand automobiles
Manufacturing Bases Located in Gunma Prefecture
Ota and Oizumi

Corporate Introduction

SUBARU CORPORATION is a manufacturer of transportation-related products and places SUBARU automobile business as its core business. We provide customers with authentic products and service that reflect and accentuate the SUBARU’s distinctive characteristics, with the focus on our philosophy "All for the Customer".

In addition, we have established our action guideline as "Confidence and Innovation" that stands for our brand statement "Confidence in Motion". Keeping with the guideline, we will continue to provide the customer-oriented value to our customers.

Automobiles manufactured at the Manufacturing Division in Gunma Prefecture are not only shipped all over Japan but also exported to approximately 110 countries and regions across the world.

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