Major Corporations in Gunma Prefecture

>Haruna Beverage Co., Ltd.

Haruna Beverage Co., Ltd.

Business Field
Production and sales of refreshing beverages
Principal Products
General refreshing beverages
Manufacturing Bases Located in Gunma Prefecture
Takasaki City / Shinto village / Minakami-machi

Corporate Introduction

Haruna Beverage Co., Ltd. was started in 1996 as a production and sales company of refreshing beverages in Gunma Prefecture, a land with full of nature and excellent water. Since then, we have been delivering quality beverages to our customers and now, we produce many of our own brands in five production lines in Takasaki and Tanigawa. We not only produce beverages but also contribute to our customers as a beverage producer through research/planning/development, marketing, production, and logistics. We will be continuously producing products that impress and satisfy our customers all over the world.

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Takasaki City Ashikado Plant


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