Sagamiya Foods Inc.

Business Field
Production of tofu and tofu products
Principal Products
Tofu and tofu products
Manufacturing Bases Located in Gunma Prefecture
Maebashi City

Corporate Introduction

We have been pursuing the taste and safety since our foundation, adhering to the most basic kinds of tofu, Momen (firm) and Kinugoshi (soft). We developed the industry's first innovative products, for example, "Thick deep-fried tofu - Try to grill this" that realizes a very new texture while maintaining "deliciousness" of tofu on the base, "Smooth Momen tofu - 3-piece package" which is the first 3-piece package of Momen tofu, and collaborative product "ZAK tofu." As a top leading company in the industry, we will lead the future of our traditional food "TOFU."

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