Major Corporations in Gunma Prefecture

>Nihon Kohden Tomioka Corporation

Nihon Kohden Tomioka Corporation

Business Field
Production of medical electronic equipment
Principal Products
Electroencephalographs, electrocardiographs, patient monitoring systems, automated external defibrillator (AED), electronic blood cell counting machine and others
Manufacturing Bases Located in Gunma Prefecture

Corporate Introduction

Nihon Kohden Tomioka Corporation was established in 1962 as a mass production plant of medical equipment for Nihon Koden Group in Tomioka, Gunma Prefecture, which is known as a birthplace of modern industry. We have recently celebrated the 50th anniversary in 2012. Since our establishment, we have engaged in the production of highly reliable and world's highest quality medical equipment by making use of original ideas, which leads to the safety of patients, as a special manufacturer of medical equipment, with the aim to deliver products to our customers in Japan and overseas in a speedy manner.

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