Shoda Shoyu Co., Ltd.

Business Field
Brewing of soy sauce; production and distribution of sauce products
Principal Products
Soy sauce, sauce products, soup
Manufacturing Bases Located in Gunma Prefecture
Tatebayashi City

Corporate Introduction

Since our foundation in 1873, without lying at the mercy of times, we have steadily stared at the times and dealt with our customers while keeping the obstinate workmanship that treasures traditional techniques and, on the other hand, having the spirit of study to constantly search for new techniques. We will devote ourselves to our business with our entire group's motto "So good to hear "it's good"" in mind, in order to grow by leaps in 21st century. And we do hope to be a beneficial business group that contributes to people's happiness. We hope that you will continue to favor us with your support.

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Headquarter building (Shoda Shoyu)


Aerial photograph of Tatebayashi Higashi Plant