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>Yanagita Iron Works Co., Ltd.

Yanagita Iron Works Co., Ltd.(Yanagita Iron Works Co., Ltd.)

Business Unit Level
General machinery
Die, Mold component / General machinery / Industrial machine
Transaction Desired Countries (Regions)
Across Asia / Across Europe / Across North America / Across Oceania / Australia / Brazil / Canada / China / France / Germany / Hong Kong / India / Indonesia / Italy / Malaysia / Mexico / Myanmar / Netherlands / New Zealand / Philippine / Russia / Singapore / South Korea / Spain / Taiwan / Thailand / United Kingdom / United States / Viet Nam
Major Technology/ Products
Manufacturing and developing hemming devices, Developing welding jig devices for vehicles, Developing a various sort of devices for labor saving, Designing and manufacturing general industrial machinery

PR Message

We conduct business activities such as developing jig devices for vehicle bodies, designing and manufacturing a various sorts of devices for power saving, manufacturing and developing hemming molds in Ota city, Gunma.
We aim for immediate and stable supply of products and greater growth as an international engineering company.
Mainly, we have highly-advanced knowhow about unified system architecture (planning, mechanical design, control design, machining, assembly and robot teaching) in robot hemming lines for the automobile industry and automated welding and assembly lines.
In the welding and assembly lines, we have achieved automated production system by promoting full-automation particularly in spot welding and arc welding, utilizing robots in areas (setting, palletizing, handling, etc.) which had to be operated manually previously and linking conveyance devices between processes.
We actively introduce the CAD in designing to promote standardization.

Office (Left) and Design room (Right)

Company Outline

Representative Yoshinori Yanagita
Address of Head Office 2707 Yaba machi, Ota city, Gunma prefecture
Address (GUNMA-Prefecture) 2707 Yaba machi, Ota city, Gunma prefecture
TEL +81-276-45-4411
URL http://www.yanagita-iw.jp/
Export Experience (Country Names)
Import Experience (Country Names) Korea
Major Facilities

NC Machining Center/ 13 units
Wire Cutting Machine/ 2 units
3D Measuring Machine FARO/ 1 unit
Layout Machine/ 1 unit
Trial Pressing Machine/ 1 unit
CAD 3D, 2D/ 28 units
CAM 3D, 2D/ 7 units
CAE/ 5 units

Yanagita Iron Works Co., Ltd.

●Yanagita Iron Works Co., Ltd.

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