Negishi Bussan Co., Ltd.(Negishi Bussan Co., Ltd.)

Business Unit Level
Flour milling, noodle making
Transaction Desired Countries (Regions)
Across Asia / Across Europe / Across Latin America / Across Middle East / Across North America / Across Oceania
Major Technology/ Products
"Koshiki Keika Udon" - reflecting wheat's natural flavor, and "Fujioka Ramen Raikon" - ultra wavy noodles in the shape of lightening bolts.

PR Message

We have been producing wheat, making wheat flour and milling noodles down through the generations. For the past 80 years, we have been devoted to upholding tradition.

Our old-fashioned noodle making methods have been passed down since 1971, and focus on bringing out wheat's natural essence and flavor.

Our noodle manufacturing is based on the principles of reassurance, safety and good taste. Beginning with the Monde selection gold prize, we have received Gunma 100 Food Selection certification, "Only One Company" recognition, Good Design Gunma and more. We have also been certified as a company eligible for the Regional Industrial Resource Business Plan, Management Innovation.


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Company Outline

Representative Mikihiko Negishi
Address of Head Office 879 Fujioka Fujioka city Gunma prefecture
Address (GUNMA-Prefecture) 879 Fujioka Fujioka city Gunma prefecture
TEL +81-274-22-0134
Export Experience (Country Names) Unites States, Hong Kong
Import Experience (Country Names)
Major Facilities

Name/ Performance/ Number of Units (Unit)

Vacuum Mixer/ 100kg/time / 1
Mixer/ 125kg/time / 1
Mixer/ 100kg/time / 1
Mixer/ 25kg/time / 1
Mixer/ 5kg/time / 1
Hybrid Functional Machine/ 125kg/time / 2
Maturation Warehouse/ 500kg/Stand / 4
Packaging Machine/ - / 5
Metal Detection Machine/ - / 3
Sterilizing Warehouse/ - / 1

Negishi Bussan Co., Ltd. Head office and Directly-managed Store

●Negishi Bussan Co., Ltd. Head office and Directly-managed Store

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